Crazy? -Three reasons why D.Trump will be the next US President


  1. He’s portrayed as the underdog
  2. Hillary Clinton should be rollin’. She’s struggling
  3. His boisterous public speaking

My personal opinion about Donald Trump doesn’t matter. But I do find quite amusing that many american citizens miss the days when Sara Palin was the scariest republican candidate ever. However impropable this seems right now, if someone examines the political situation in the US, it seems clear that all factors lead to the conclusion that D.Trump will win not only all preliminary elections but the Presidential ones too.

  • Constant attacks by the media most of the times have the opposite effect. Remember the case of G.Bush Jr . Ask yourselves: have you tried using arguments against Trump’s fiery speeches or did you just call him ‘racist’ and forgot about it? If you’re following the latter, congratulations: you’re following the same pattern that re-elected G. Bush.
  • Let’s face it: Hillary Clinton as a politician is not exactly a ‘super-star’. Above all, everybody’s talking all the time not why we should vote for Hillary… Instead we only hear why we shouldn’t (we mustn’t actually!) vote for Trump.Campaigning for a ‘negative vote’ is another huge mistake.
  • His radical – emotional speech never fails to make an impression.  Some media accuse him of being a demagogue, but it’s Hillary Clinton that uses a ‘well-refined’ language. D.Trump speaks out loud even for controversial matters. H.Clinton softens up everything.

The deciding factor in the 2016 US elections will be the so-called ‘silent majority’.

Donald Trump’s disdain for political correctness is one of his characteristics that will eventually win the vote of the silent majority


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